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Next Generation of Buick Encore Models Will Reportedly Bear the “Encore GX” Name

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Chicago Auto Show - 2018 Buick Encore
Is a new version of the Encore on the way

The Buick Encore is currently one of Buick’s most popular models. With the Encore due for a refresh during the 2020 model year, Encore fans can expect to see a whole host of new features for the model.

They might also encounter a new name for Buick’s smallest crossover, as GM Authority reports that the upcoming 2020 Encore model will officially be called the Encore GX.

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The trademark for the “Encore GX” title was first filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office back in September of 2018. At the time, many thought it might just be a specific trim level or special edition of the Encore.

Now, new reports suggest that all 2020 Encore models will bear this name. That will also be the case in China.

China will also receive an additional 2020 Encore model, which won’t bear the “GX” name. This Encore will be built on GM’s GEM platform, while the Encore GX will utilize the VSS-F platform.

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Buick’s Chinese operations already use a similar naming scheme for its vehicle lineup. There are currently three different Buick Excelle models sold in China: the Excelle, Excelle GT, and Excelle GX. Other Buick models to use this naming scheme include the Buick GL8 (GL8 and GL8 SE) and the Buick Verano (Verano sedan and Verano GS hatchback).

Of course, between now and the 2020 Encore’s release, Buick could decide to drop the “GX” from the Encore’s North American release, seeing as how it will only sell one Encore model instead of the two sold in China. Still, with Buick diversifying its global lineup, model name distinctions such as these might become more common for the Buick brand.

News Source: GM Authority