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Nissan Adjusting Its Retail Experience

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New Nissan DealershipIn case you haven’t heard, the world of retail is changing rapidly, regardless of what a store is selling. Many traditional bricks-and-mortar stores are closing in favor of online shopping, which is more convenient and affordable than ever. While you still can’t buy a car online in America, Nissan is adjusting its brand to offer better experiences for tech-savvy customers.

Called the Nissan Retail Concept, or NRC, the automaker is encouraging Nissan dealerships around the world to adopt its new model, which it says aims to “improve customer services within a globally consistent brand experience, in response to diversifying expectations and lifestyles.” More than 400 dealerships in 30 countries have already upgraded, and more than 9,000 stores in the rest of the world should be completed by 2022.

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Dealerships will build an exclusive delivery area to make purchasing a new car more exciting (and probably perfect for Instagram), and a digital car configurator in the showroom will allow shoppers to see  preferred model and equip it the way that suits their needs. This should encourage shoppers to pick more Nissan accessories, and also show them the versatility of each unique vehicle. Salespeople will also be equipped with tablets to help customers navigate through their service experience after a purchase.

Besides the technology upgrades for a better experience, dealerships will also go through facility and service center design changes to modernize their look.

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“The relationship between dealers and customers is changing, with customers expecting a more digital and customized experience. So Nissan is proud to introduce a new retail concept to deliver these exciting and diverse customer experiences worldwide,” said Daniele Schillaci, executive vice president for global marketing and sales at Nissan. “The Nissan Retail Concept will improve all aspects of a customer’s experience, from the minute they arrive at a Nissan-brand dealer until the moment they hopefully drive away in their new Nissan.”

Keep your eyes peeled to see upgrades coming (relatively) soon to a dealership near you.