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Nissan Aims To Protect Stray Cats

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Knock Knock Cats Logo - Nissan

Winter might be drawing to a close soon, but the nights are still fairly cold, at least at The News Wheel’s office in Ohio. When the temperatures drop, stray animals could hide in the wheel wells and engine compartments of cars for shelter from the wind.

If drivers aren’t careful, they could accidentally turn on the car with one of these unknown passengers on board and hurt or kill the animal. That’s why Nissan launched the #KnockKnockCats campaign earlier this month. The automaker is asking motorists (especially those who park outside) to knock on the hood of their car before they get in and start it, startling any cats out from under the lid before the engine fires up.

The public service announcement that accompanies the campaign is incredibly cute, and is pretty much a minute of adorable felines reminding you of what’s at stake if you don’t shift fuzzy passengers from your car. Let’s be real, we’ll accept any excuse to coo over cute cats.

Even as winter turns to spring, it’s still possible for stray cats to hang out around your car to take shelter from the rain or sunlight in your wheel wells, so continue to knock on the hood as the year goes on.

News Source: AutoBlog