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Nissan Brings The Year of the Truck to Texas

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Nissan celebrates all things Texan in a TITAN way at 130th State

The 130th State Fair of Texas is now open, and Nissan is ready to make a splash at this year’s event. This week, the automaker revealed its special appearance package for select Nissan trucks to honor the Lone Star state, but they won’t stop there. The company will be sponsoring several different parts of this year’s fair, which means it is truly ready to win over Texans to its brand during the “Year of the Truck.”
First of all, and probably most important to the largest number of festival attendees, Nissan will be offering free parking for all pickup drivers. We hope Nissan realizes exactly how many people that applies to, as Texas is known for its love of pickup trucks. The lot Nissan has created is on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Ash Lane. If you’re from Dallas, then you know that the lot is only about two blocks from the fair gates. The parking spots are large enough to accommodate trucks of every make and model, and of course the lot will be staffed with security and Nissan product specialists. You know, in case you want to buy a new Nissan truck anytime soon.

Once inside the fair, attendees can visit the Nissan TITAN of Texas Challenge, where athletes who feel bold enough can take on past contestants on the American Ninja Warrior television show for a piece of a $65,800 prize. With seven obstacles inspired by the Nissan truck lineup, the course promises to be difficult for anyone that decides to run it. The overall winner of the event will take home the title “TITAN of Texas” and, more importantly, $15,000.

Nissan is also sponsoring non-truck related parts of the fair, like a Heisman Trophy winner meet-and-greet, a viewing party for the Red River Showdown on Saturday, October 8th, and a country concert. These all seem like things that Texans will really enjoy, so we wish Nissan the best of luck.