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Nissan Hits All-Time Production, Sales Record in August

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On September 29th, Nissan announced its production, sales, and export figures for the month of August 2015, and they are looking good. Like, breaking-the-record-for-all-time-sales-in-the-month-of-August good.

Nissan’s global sales only increased a tiny amount to 0.6% year over year at 406,138 units, but that was still enough to break the record. This is almost entirely due to increased sales in Mexico and Europe, which rose by 10.1% and 9.2% year-over-year, respectively. Both regions experienced all-time record numbers of units sold.

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Meanwhile, though, Nissan experienced slightly decreased sales in the US (down 0.8%), China (down 5.5%), Japan (down 7.6%), and other regions (down 6.5%).

Production also increased year-over-year to deal with this demand, with increases of 0.8% in the US due to demand for the Maxima and Murano, increases of 5.2% in Mexico due to demand for the Sentra, increases of 244.4% the UK due to a change in the length of summer vacation, and increases of 13.1% in other regions due to an increase in demand for the Rogue (or X-Trail, as it is known in Japan).

Production dropped in Japan by 15.1%, in Spain by 28.6%, and in China by 0.1%. Knowing that, it is hardly surprising that Japanese exports dropped by 10.5% year-over-year.

Overall, this report shows a relatively stable output, although where the vehicles are sold and where they are produced seems to be shifting very slightly toward Mexico and Europe.

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