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Nissan Publishes New Children’s Books in Japan

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nissan-childrens-booksIf you have ever babysat a child, one of the most challenging things is keeping them occupied when they get bored and fussy. In an attempt to help give them new stories to read (or have read to them), Nissan is publishing two new storybooks from contest winners and distributing them to where they are needed most.

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This year was the 33rd year of the Nissan Children’s Storybook and Picture Book Grand Prix competition, and more than 2,501 entries from amateur authors and illustrators were submitted last year with 38 books winning. Two of the winners were then selected to be published by Nissan and its partner BL Publishing Co., Ltd. Now, finally, the books are making it into the hands of children, with more than 3,500 libraries and 800 child care facilities near Nissan’s offices in Japan receiving copies.

The first story is Kometogi-yuurei no Yoneko-san (“Yoneko, the Rice-Washing Ghost”), a more complex story illustrated by Yutaka Kobayashi, winner of the 28th Picture Book Grand Prix, and written by Eri Ebata. The second book, which is better for younger readers, is called Gyu (“Hug”) and it was created by Mifusama.

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It might not seem like a big deal to be published by an automaker, but the Nissan Children’s Storybook and Picture Book Grand Prix has a history of launching winners’ careers and giving them the publicity they need to move on to the next level. We just think it’s great that Nissan is putting more new stories out in the world to be discovered.