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Nissan Reaffirms Autonomous Car (Looking Like LEAF/Juke Mashup) Release Date in 2020

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When it comes to autonomous cars, Google gets all the attention. However, as Nissan first announced way back in 2013, the Japanese automaker hasn’t just been sitting idly by as Google and other autonomous-car-makers roll past (without touching the steering wheel).

Nissan Europe’s Vice President of Communications sent out a tweet on October 13th reaffirming the promise that Nissan made way back in 2013—that Nissan will have autonomous drive cars on the road by 2020.

Presumably the vehicle pictured above is a concept (or possible blueprint?) of Nissan’s autonomous car, which features a forward-facing camera mounted on top of the car and Nissan’s Around View Monitor system of cameras throughout the vehicle to produce composite footage of a bird’s eye view of the car and surroundings. Also present are radar and laser sensors on the front bumper and near the wheels.

This isn’t to mention the body styling, which appears to be a mashup of the front half of a Nissan LEAF and the back half of a Nissan Juke.

Despite the term “autonomous driving,” the actual goal of this isn’t a vehicle that will just go without you. Instead, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said that Nissan’s auto-driving technology will only offer driving assistance, similar to “autopilot” systems that airplane pilots use when conditions are clear.

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