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Nissan Sponsors 10th Season of “The Voice”

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Nissan The Voice

In just a little under an hour, the 10th season of NBC’s The Voice will hit the airwaves. The American reality show started in 2011, and features a unique singing audition format where the judges only see the face behind the voice if they hit the button on their big revolving chair to say that they would like the singer on their team. Nissan has now partnered with The Voice for four seasons, and the collaboration has created some truly unique content.

Some fans might remember when Nissan challenged Adam Levine, one of the key judges on The Voice, to sing in the Nissan GT-R while being whipped along a closed street. It was a challenge, but the singer managed to work through a decent portion of the song before he gave up to enjoy the ride. After the new Nissan Maxima was unveiled in early 2015, the show made the four-door sports car its official carpool vehicle. That lead to a very funny segment featuring the shenanigans of Adam Levine and country singer Blake Shelton (Levine’s nemesis on the show) navigating the streets of Los Angeles on the way to the studio.

On a more serious note, Nissan also helped The Voice create an app for the show so that fans can interact more with the action on screen. Last year’s four finalists were also given brand new Nissan vehicles as a reward for making it so far.

We can’t wait to see what fun comes out of the Nissan sponsorship this year.