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Nissan’s Sunderland UK Plant Hits New Nissan LEAF Milestone

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Nissan LEAF factory Sunderland UK

The Nissan LEAF is making waves around the world, and it has just been included in a deal to send the world’s  largest EV taxi fleet to a company in Madrid. With increased popularity comes increased production, and Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, UK is proud to announce a new production milestone for the electric car at its facility.

Earlier this month a silver Nissan LEAF at the Tekna trim level, bound for a customer in France, rolled off of the assembly line. It was the 50,000th Nissan LEAF built in the United Kingdom, and it is an impressive milestone considering EV production was only launched there in 2013. Since Prime Minister David Cameron kicked off production at the plant three years ago, 2,000 jobs were added to the plant to support the new area of production.

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Nissan LEAF vehicles built at this plant are destined to be shipped to about 23 global markets, including Israel, Iceland, Taiwan, and Argentina. In the future, Nissan LEAF production is looking even brighter in Sunderland. The plant will soon upgrade to produce the extended range Nissan LEAF that is estimated to go 250 km in one charge, and the plant has also been tapped to build future generation batteries for the EV.

The UK’s Transport Minister, Andrew Jones, remarked,  “This major milestone is great news for Nissan and yet another example of Britain leading the way in developing cleaner vehicle technology, which is good for the environment and supports jobs and growth. Our goal is for nearly every car to be zero emission by 2050 and we are investing £600 million in electric vehicles to make this a reality.”

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We can’t wait to see how fast the UK Sunderland facility hits its next milestone.