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Sorry, Europe, But No Ford Bronco for You

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No Ford Bronco for Europe
Q2 financial presentation confirms no Ford Bronco for Europe
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford confirmed that it is eliminating the Ka+ from its lineup in order to focus on adding more profitable crossovers to the lineup. One of the crossovers definitely not coming to Europe is the tentatively titled Baby Bronco, which will not make the leap overseas when it debuts next year. And neither, Ford confirms, will the much-anticipated Ford Bronco.

During Ford’s second-quarter earnings call, Ford presented a slide outlining its truck and utility vehicles launches over the next year. The slide depicted four vehicles that have been announced but as-yet not revealed: the Mustang-inspired electric performance crossover; the next-gen Ford F-150 and Ford F-150 Hybrid; the Bronco; and the “small, rugged off-road utility” otherwise known as the Baby Bronco. According to the slide’s markets key, neither the Bronco nor the Baby Bronco are being offered in Europe. This also confirms a report from 2018 that, despite its role in developing the Bronco, Australia will not receive the new SUV.

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No Ford Bronco for Europe
Ford’s full “Winning Portfolio – 2019 And 2020” slide
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Per Ford, the Bronco is limited to North America, the Middle East, and Africa and the Baby Bronco is limited to North and South America. While this could potentially change — see dropped plans for the Focus Active to be imported in North America — Car Scoops reached out to Ford for clarification and was told that the “presentation stands as it is.”

Given that stamp of approval, it is also safe to assume that the Mustang-inspired BEV will be limited to North America, Europe, and China and that the F-150 Hybrid will be limited to North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. It would also seem to confirm that hybrid versions of the Bronco and Baby Bronco will not be offered until after 2020.

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News Source: Car Scoops