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Do You Have an Obnoxious Vehicle? Survey Reveals Public’s Disgust of Certain Automobiles

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Man on motorcycle driver riding

Do you find vehicles like these appealing…or obnoxious?
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Personal preference is entirely subjective.

What does and doesn’t appeal to you is your own choice; despite what peer pressure may say, no one else can decide what you like. And yet, despite how relative preference is, we often find trends among people throughout society that favor/dislike certain things. When public opinion is polled, common beliefs, biases, and impressions rise to the surface.

One common belief is that certain vehicles are obnoxious, whether inherently or due to the reputation of the people who drive them.

To determine which types of vehicles most people consider obnoxious, surveyed 1,000 Americans. Considering 14 different types of “specialty” vehicles–rather than brands, colors, etc–respondents ranked their preferences from most appealing to least appealing.

The choices ranged from rat rods and mopeds to RVs and subcompact cars. “Basic,” run-of-the-mill types like full-size sedans and mini-vans weren’t included on the list.

Survey Says…

The results of’s survey brought light to many of the biases facing certain types of vehicles. The top five vehicles rated most obnoxious were:

  1. Lifted 4x4s: While these towering pickup trucks may come in handy off-road, most people see these vehicles as impractical, wasteful, and intimidating.
  2. Hummers: Despite being off-production for half a decade, society harbors a bitterness against this tank-like gas-guzzler and the obstacle it was to introducing eco-friendly vehicles.
  3. Low Riders (Cars/Trucks): Irritation with these vehicles is less about the models themselves but rather who drives them and the modification done to them. Unfortunately, their presence in rap music videos and urban neighborhoods hasn’t painted a reputation everyone likes.
  4. Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Undeniably, these machines are high-quality. But there’s also an entire culture of rebellion, aggression, and pride which are associated with them. In fact, referring to a Harley as a motorcycle is enough to put you on an owner’s bad side.
  5. Sports Bikes: Some of the loudest and fastest vehicles on the road, these “crotch rockets” are known for tearing through traffic without regard to who is nearby. No wonder these machines made the list.

The most appealing, according to the survey, are sports cars, electric/hybrid vehicles, luxury SUVs, and RVs–all automobiles that evoke real prestige, eco-consciousness, or family appeal

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