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Pacifica Hybrid Comes Loaded with Efficiency-Maximizing Tech

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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has a miles-per-gallon-equivalent (MPGe) rating of 84

On their face, plug-in hybrids like the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid already look fuel-efficient: the plug-in powertrain already allows drivers to go an estimated 33 miles solely on electric power, not burning gasoline at all. However, the Pacifica Hybrid offers some features that can allow drivers to optimize their drive and charging.

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First, there are the Hybrid Electric Pages. These are a function of the Chrysler Uconnect 8.4 system that provide the driver with information about the Pacifica Hybrid, including: a dynamic visual of how power is moving in the minivan, whether moving from the battery to the wheels or back due to regenerative brakes; a chart of a driving history, including a breakdown of distance driven in electric mode and hybrid mode by day; and a page allowing the driver to schedule when the Pacifica Hybrid charges to make the most of off-peak electricity rates.

Then, there is the Uconnect Access smartphone app. This app functions similar to the Hybrid Electric Pages, although with the ability to access it remotely. Using it, owners can check on the state of the vehicle’s charge, see if the Pacifica Hybrid is even plugged in, or schedule charging times. In addition, the app offers locations of charging stations (as well as their availability in real time), the ability to lock or unlock the car, start the engine, and send directions to the car’s navigation system.

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Finally, there is the Pacifica Hybrid’s cluster display, which is unique to that model. The cluster changes color to indicate whether the minivan is in electric mode (teal) or hybrid mode (blue), while displaying battery level, fuel level, and total range. Interestingly, though, the cluster can show an “efficiency coach,” which directs drivers on how to best use the throttle and brakes in order to conserve energy and regain as much as possible while moving.