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Pennzoil Celebrates the Dodge Viper Legacy with “The Last Viper” Short Film

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Pennzoil teamed up with creative agency JWT and stunt driver Rhys Millen to send the Dodge Viper off on one last ride

Coming to a YouTube channel near you this summer

For the past 25 years, the Dodge Viper has played a critical role in the automotive world. Few other American-produced cars have even come close to setting the same performance records as the Viper.

Of course, all good things must eventually come to an end, and 2017 marks the official end of the Dodge Viper. Nevertheless, Viper fans, both within the industry and outside of it, aren’t ready to say farewell to the classic Dodge dream machine just yet.

At the same conference where the Dodge Demon made its debut, Pennzoil unveiled a project of its own: a short film entitled “The Last Viper,” obviously starring the 2017 Dodge Viper. More than just an advertisement, this film is a showcase of the the incredible athletic feats achieved by the classic Dodge vehicle.

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Brought to life by the JWT Atlanta, a creative agency and partner of Pennzoil, “The Last Viper” stars stunt driver Rhys Millen as a mysterious figure tasked with returning a stolen Dodge Viper to its original owner. Millen is most famous for his stunt work in The Fast and the Furious franchise.

During his mission to return the eponymous last Viper, Millen demonstrates the legendary performance that the vehicle has become renowned for while racing it through the streets of Miami. Through a combination of speed and maneuverability, the driver is able to reunite the yellow-hued Viper with her proper owner, making the mission a success.

Are you tough enough to rescue the last Dodge Viper?

You can watch “The Last Viper” in its entirety below:

Pulling off such impressive stunts was no easy task. JWT had to work with local Miami police to create traffic control for the shoot.

The most impressive stunt in the entire video wasn’t even originally planned for it. JWT executive creative director Jeremy Jones stated that the moment when the Viper launches into the air for a split second was an unintentional, once-in-a-lifetime shot.

You’ll believe a Dodge can fly!

Of course, the teams at JWT and Pennzoil, as well as Rhys Millen, were more than happy to organize this ambitious project. It was their way of creating a proper send-off for the Viper.

“When we found out Dodge was going to discontinue the Viper, we were heartbroken,” Jones explained. “It’s the only American car that competes for international track records.”

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To get a behind-the-scenes look at the short film, you can watch the video below:

“The Last Viper” ends with the mysterious driver receiving a text message with the question: “How are you at exorcising Demons?” Therefore, we are definitely looking forward to JWT Atlanta and Rhys Millen testing the limits of what the Dodge Demon can really do!

Will it be titled “The First Demon”?

News Source: AdWeek