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Potatoes and Cars: A Tribute to National Potato Day

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Photo: taltigolt

Potatoes and cars — such an unusual combination. However, there are quite a few scenarios where potatoes intersect with vehicles and transportation. Here are just four car-related celebrations of the spud to help celebrate National Potato Day on Aug. 19.


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Jumpstart a dead car battery

It’s common knowledge that you can use a potato and some wire to provide electricity to a light bulb. However, few people have modified this experiment to restart a car battery. The dudes in this video had success with it, though. It’s definitely worth a try the next time you find yourself in a dead battery situation.

Defog your vehicle’s windows

It turns out that rubbing a sliced potato on your car’s windows will help prevent them from fogging up. That’s because the starch provides a protective layer between the glass and the moisture. Try it yourself by following the simple steps outlined in the video.


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Use it as an alternative, eco-friendly car body material

The University of Warwick’s Formula 3 race car was made from potatoes. Granted, the car’s engineers used this material only in the bodywork; however it’s a pretty ambitious use of a potato that actually worked.

Make extra money…with potato transportation

That’s exactly what Alex Craig did when he founded Potato Parcel back in May 2015. Instead of mailing a card for a special occasion, why not mail a potato? This is the premise that launched Craig’s startup. In just the first four months of business, he sold more than 3,000 spuds and started averaging $10,000 per month. Who ever thought that transporting potatoes across the country (and around the globe) would be such a successful enterprise?



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