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Prior to Its Cancellation, the Chevrolet Volt Was a Big Hit in California

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The Chevrolet Volt helped bring GM vehicles back to markets like L.A. with its innovative and eco-friendly tech

2019 Chevrolet Volt

The Golden State took a shine to GM’s early hybrid model

The Chevrolet Volt was among the list of six sedans that General Motors recently announced it would cut from its lineup. For the past few years, sales for the Volt have been on the decline.

Yet, the hybrid EV remained popular in many parts of the country. Brooke Crothers, a contributor at Forbes, states that one of these markets was Los Angeles, California.

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Prior to the introduction of the Volt, GM brands had a limited presence throughout many of the neighborhoods in the country’s second-largest metropolitan area. Indeed, most of the vehicles that lined the streets were manufactured by German and Japanese brands.

However, many residents of L.A., Crothers included, went with the Volt as their next vehicle shortly after it was introduced. Created in response to the recession in the late 2000s, the Volt had many of the features that L.A. drivers were looking for.

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Its EV-only range lasted somewhere between 40 and 45 miles, while its extended range ran up to 300 miles. This eco-friendly nature made it appealing to L.A. motorists, whereas other GM models failed to capture their attention.

Still, Crothers has seen a decline in the number of Volts driving down the streets of L.A. Instead, he notices a lot of Tesla Model 3 vehicles.

Tesla is currently dominating the EV market in California

As EV technology evolves at a more rapid rate, previous hybrids and electric models soon become obsolete. The Model 3 and the Bolt EV simply outpaced the Volt that came before them.

If GM wants to retain a presence in these newly-recaptured markets, Crothers says that they must heavily advertise the Bolt throughout the state of California. Otherwise, they are simply surrendering these markets to Tesla.

News Source: Forbes