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Protect Your Car This Halloween

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Halloween is certainly a fun holiday, full of candy and cool costumes. On the flip side, it’s also the time of year for pranksters to make their mark, and sometimes your vehicle is the target. Don’t get too spooked, because with the right vigilance you and your trusty ride will make it well past this haunted night.

According to the National Insurance Car Bureau, Halloween is one of the holidays every year where car thefts spike. For example, in 2015 the average amount of cars stolen every day was 2,058. However, on Halloween, that number rose to 2,201. Bankrate speculates that this could possibly be because someone concealing their face is not out of place on Halloween, giving thieves the perfect cover for scoping out and taking your ride. Another speculation is that perhaps cars are left less secure on Halloween, and homeowners are distracted that they don’t notice the normal signs of an auto theft.

No matter why there are more thefts, make sure to be sensible on Halloween. If you have a garage or car port, stash your vehicle in there. Or, if you are parked outside, check up on your car when you open the door to distribute candy.

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of pranksters, you could wake up on November first with eggs or silly string on your car. If you have a newer car, its clear coat should protect the paint from any acids or other chemicals in the substances. Still, be ready to rinse off your car and take it to a car wash to be on the safe side.

We hope that this Halloween is full of more treats than tricks for you. We hope you have a great time celebrating this ghoulish holiday.

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