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Ram Infomercials Encourage You to “Winch It!”

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"Don't flinch it. Winch it!"

“Don’t flinch it. Winch it!”

For Super Bowl LI, the advertisements seemed to focus in more on the sentimental rather than the hilarious. Messages of unity and understanding replaced the usual comedic romps. While we agree that some feel-good marketing is just what the doctor ordered for 2017, we can’t help but miss the hallmark of stupidly funny Super Bowl commercials.

Even though Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chose to focus in on its Alfa Romeo brand during the big game, the company has gifted us with some of those signature advertising hijinks that we have longed for. The latest advertisements for Ram Trucks are hilariously cheesy infomercials that encourage you to “Winch It!”

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The series of advertisements star the Winch It Brothers, Chuck and Rob. Together, they demonstrate all of the tasks you can accomplish and problems you can solve by using the 12,000-pound winch found on the front of the 2017 Ram Power Wagon.

Such tasks include moving a fallen tree, cracking open a lobster, and disposing of unwanted tomatoes.

Saving us all from unwanted tomatoes

Saving us all from unwanted tomatoes

The entire commercial can be viewed below:

Ram’s “Winch It!” campaign also includes several shorter spots that focus on one problem in particular. For example, one “Winch It!” advertisement involves the Winch It Brothers coming to the rescue when a thoughtless driver blocks a handicap parking spot. You can view this display of justice below:

The “Winch It!” series is set up to be a creative way to showcase the impressive towing and “winching” capabilities of Ram’s signature Power Wagon. We look forward to seeing more from the campaign in order to find out what else we can use the “Winch It!” technique to solve.

Not all heroes wear capes

Not all heroes wear capes

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