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ReachNow BMW Car Sharing Takes Off In Seattle

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DriveNow BMW i3

About one month ago, BMW launched its ReachNow car sharing services in Seattle, Washington. The brand is happy to report that more than 13,000 Seattle residents have signed up for the premium service, and a management team has been put in place to move the organization forward.

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Many car sharing services rely on small and affordable vehicles, but ReachNow was developed with the finer things in life in mind. Subscribers can choose to drive a MINI vehicle, BMW 3 Series or BMW i3 for one-way or round trip jaunts around the city. The service relies on an app for registration, reservation, and payment, making it easy for drivers to subscribe and get on the road as fast as possible. A user pays by the minute, and parking in public spaces is free for cars in the designated “home” area.

Ride sharing is proving popular around the United States, so it makes sense that a luxury version of the service would try and take off. The service has proven to be successful as DriveNow in Europe and other markets, which also uses BMW vehicles. To help run the business and make it a success, BMW has named a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Customer Officer, and Chief Financial Officer to manage ReachNow.

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The new CEO is Steve Banfield, whose previous experience includes a management position at a car service company INRIX, based in Washington state. Sandra Phillips was named the CCO, and she previously helped launch a car sharing company in Canada. Lastly, to manage ReachNow’s financials, Jean-Francois Ganot has been named CFO after his previous experience with BMW’s Financial Services and strategic planning division.

Hopefully ReachNow expands outside of Seattle, because even if you own your own car, every once in a while it might be nice to treat yourself to a ride in a cushy BMW.