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Renting an Accessible Car If You Have a Disability: What You Need to Know

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Tips for temporarily borrowing a wheelchair van when travelling

Renting an Accessible Car If You Have a Disability: What You Need to Know wheelchair van

You can’t bring your own accessible vehicle everywhere you go. When you fly somewhere and need mobility solutions, you can’t hop into just any car you’re given.

If you need certain accommodations in the vehicles you drive, renting any regular car, SUV, or van won’t do. Here’s how you can go about renting an accessible car.

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What most car rental companies offer

Vehicle rental businesses like Enterprise, Hertz, and Budget offer a variety of Adaptive Driving Devices to customers — typically free-of-charge. These include hand controls, spinner knobs, left foot accelerators, pedal extenders, and parking passes.

To receive these in your rental car, you must notify the company upon reservation with at least a couple day’s advance notice. That allows them enough time to acquire a vehicle equipped with the device(s) you need.
Many rental agencies also allow you to have a surrogate driver operate the vehicle for you if you are unable to drive the vehicle yourself.

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Renting an accessible car from specialized agencies

Typical car rental companies have a limited ability to adapt vehicles to meet customer needs. If you need accommodations that are more involved than a hand or foot lever, you’ll need to contact a specialty rental company. Agencies like Wheelchair Getaways and Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals offer vehicles equipped with functions like wheelchair lifts and ramps.

Renting from these companies is like renting from other companies. You need a driver’s license, proof of insurance, and credit card. You’ll need to make prior arrangements upon reservation to see what each branch has available and can acquire for you.

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