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How to Replace a Fuel Filter

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While you should replace your fuel filter at the normal manufacturer recommended interval, you may also need to replace it if you notice your vehicle stalling when climbing hills. Over time, dirt builds up and clogs the filter, causing the vehicle to operate less efficiently.

In the steps below, you’ll learn how to easily change a fuel filter.How to replace a fuel filter

  1. Purchase the replacement filter. Refer to the owner’s manual if you aren’t sure.
  2. Locate the old filter. You can find it under the hood in the engine compartment, or under the car near the fuel tank. Make sure you have rags handy – you’ll likely have some fuel leak from the fuel line.
  3. Remove fuel pressure.  Check your owner’s manual again – if you have an electric fuel pump, the manufacturer usually recommends releasing fuel pressure, follow their guidelines to do so.
  4. Unscrew each hose clamp bolt. Release the clamp from the hose. Make sure to check the hose for cracks or other damage. If you find anything, you’ll need to replace that as well.
  5. Replace the filter. Pull out the old filter, and replace with the new.
  6. Tighten clamps. Push the clamps back down and tighten.
  7. Run the engine and check for leaks. It might take more than one try as the filter fills up with fuel.

Now you know how to replace a fuel filter! Leave a suggestion for another do-it-yourself article, and you might see your idea featured on The NewsWheel.