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[UPDATE] Ford is Totes Not Making a 200-Mile EV, Folks

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Ford Focus Electric

Update: We received a call from Said Deep, Head of Ford North America Product Communications, who said “We do not comment on speculation but can confirm these reports are not accurate.”

The original story was notably meatless, but it appears that there was somehow less substance than even its bare bones suggested. It’s not unreasonable to think the the introduction of the Bolt would potentially make Ford investigate a new dedicated EV platform a bit more seriously, but the idea of fast-tracking something in order to beat GM to market does strike one as incredibly unlikely. We’ve left the article in its original form below for posterity. Remember: don’t believe everything you read


With General Motors hanging a big green light over its $30,000 EV with a 200 mile range—whether it’s called Bolt or Sonic EV or what have you—many have wondered how long it would take Ford to respond. Apparently, not long.

According to a report from Automobile, Ford is all set to reveal its 200-mile EV sometime later this year. When? Dunno. Where? Dunno.

There isn’t much meat to the story—Ford is said to be working on this vehicle, but there’s no telling whether it would beat the Bolt to market, if it would fall into that $30,000 sweet spot, or if it will bow at the 2015 LA Auto Show or International CES or in the parking lot of a Denny’s.

What we (maybe) know: Ford is making an EV that will drive a lot of miles on a charge, and we are supposed to be seeing it sometime in the next 9 months. Presumably, between now and then, we will hear a bit more about the architecture and the battery manufacturer for this particular venture.

Currently, the only all-electric offering from Ford is the 2015 Focus Electric, which has a range of 110 MPGe city/99 MPGe city.

News Source: Automobile