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Report: Stephen Odell Out as Ford of Europe President

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Stephen Odell

Stephen Odell

According to reports upon which Ford declined to comment, the automaker is planning to replace Stephen Odell as the president of Ford of Europe.

According to German business magazine Bilanz (via Automotive News), Odell will be moved into another position within the company while an internal candidate will be promoted to the position of Ford of Europe president.

While Ford said that it will not offer comment on “speculation,” the prospect of a management change would make sense in light of the company’s projected losses up to $1.2 billion USD in Europe this year.

Stephen Odell

Odell at a Ford Go Further event in Amsterdam

Odell has occupied his current position since December 1, 2012, prior to which he served as Ford of Europe CEO.

Barb J. Samardzich currently serves as the vice president and Chief Operating Officer of Ford of Europe, which would make her a likely choice to succeed Odell if he is indeed supplanted.

In addition to Ford of Europe, Odell currently serves as the Executive VP and President of Ford Middle East and Ford Africa, both of which have been the subject of considerable attention in recent months and are part of Ford’s plan to increase its global standing.

In announcing its third-quarter results on October 24, Ford of Europe revealed that its Q3 pretax loss had climbed from $182 in 2013 to $439 in 2014.