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Rumor: Buick is Considering Avista as a Four-Door Coupe

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The Buick Avista Concept has recently been given Detroit News’ Reader’s Choice award for “Best Future Concept”

From the moment Buick unveiled its Avista Concept at the North American International Auto Show, all indications have been that it is a winner. Questions almost immediately turned to if Buick would consider bringing the 2+2 beauty to production, and the answers quickly went from “well, we will see how it does on the auto show circuit” to “okay, yeah, so we’re already looking into this.”

According to a hot tip passed from unnamed inside sources to Motor Trend, Buick may indeed be experimenting with ways to bring the Avista to production, going as far as to have a four-door version lurking somewhere within the GM design studio in Warren, Michigan.

As Motor Trend points out, a four-door Avista would likely be a better volume seller, and it would give Buick a vehicle that would allow it to compete on some level with other automakers that offer four-door coupes.

It’s likely that the Avista would ultimately take the place of one of Buick’s three current sedan offerings, as Buick Vice President Duncan Aldred told WardsAuto that it would have to “go in the place of something else” if it were to move to production. If sacrificing the Verano for a beautiful four-door Avista is what it takes, something tells us that consumers are willing to take that risk.

News Source: Motor Trend