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Rumor: Chevy Volt Might Be Potentially Replaced by a Gasoline-Electric Crossover in 2022

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Chevrolet FNR-X

Will the CrossVolt look a lot like the FNR-X concept vehicle? GM has yet to say.

Due to this year’s slump in sedan sales, GM is currently planning to decrease its sedan production through the end of the year. Following in the wake of this news, there’s a rumor that the Chevy Volt might be replaced by a hybrid crossover in 2022. This matches up with the brand’s 2014 renewal of the CrossVolt trademark.

GM’s idea to phase out the Chevy Volt might come as a shock for some, but any successful company would concur that you’ve got to listen to consumer preferences and marketing trends when making future plans. Despite the decline in sedan sales, crossovers and SUVs are the top-selling vehicles this year. Electric and hybrid cars are also on the rise. According to a AAA survey, 15% of consumers are interested in purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles while 16% are interested in pick-up trucks.

EVs and Hybrids steadily increase in sales
Photo: CFA

Jack Gillis, Director of Public Affairs at the CFA, stated that consumer interest in electric vehicles will keep on growing: “Last year EV sales hit record numbers, with a 37% increase over 2015. Our data shows that 2017 sales could increase by 119%.” Over the past two decades, both EVs and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) have shown a steady increase.

Considering the statistics, GM’s plan to decrease sedan production and initiate a CrossVolt model are wise strategies. The Chevy Volt is already a stellar example of electronic car potential. It currently delivers 52 miles before needing a recharge, the second highest electric range of any plug-in hybrid. (The BMW i3 Rex holds the top highest range, providing 97 miles.) It seems only natural that GM would base its new gas-electric crossover on this successful sedan. Though avid fans might be sad to relinquish the Volt, we’re excited for the predicted CrossVolt that will take the original model to new heights.

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