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Satoshi Motoyama Joins Nissan ZEOD RC Le Mans Lineup

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In looking to complete the driver lineup that will pilot the unprecedented ZEOD RC at 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, Nissan will turn to three-time Japanese SUPER GT champion Satoshi Motoyama. Motoyama joins Nissan GT Academy winners Lucas Ordóñez and Wolfgang Reip in their quest to make a sterling first impression at the world’s most famous endurance race.

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Satoshi Motoyama is no stranger to the Cicuit de la Sarthe or piloting highly conceptual Nissan race cars. Motoyama last raced in Le Mans in 2012 behind the wheel of the DeltaWing concept that serves very much as the inspiration for the Nissan BladeGlider. After being pushed into a wall, Motoyama spent the better part of an hour attempting to repair the DeltaWing, which made him an overnight viral sensation and fan favorite.

Getting back on the track is a matter of what Motoyama calls unfinished business:

“This is a world first with Nissan using electric power in this way at Le Mans, and I am very happy to be a part of it,” Motoyama told Nissan’s news room. “For me, I have a bit of unfinished business at Le Mans. The accident two years ago was very unlucky, but most racing accidents are. Just to finish the race at Le Mans is very difficult and that is our main goal. I am really looking forward to the race. My teammates Wolfie and Lucas have a lot of miles with the car already, and it has been great to work with them this week. I am hoping I can use my experience to help with the development process.”

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Satoshi Motoyama is not unfamiliar with Nissan’s electric race car concepts. He was previously involved in the development of the Nissan LEAF RC.