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Student Drivers, Big Trucks: How to Safely Share the Road with Semis

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From parallel parking to merging onto a highway, driving definitely has its challenges. If sharing the road with semi trucks makes you anxious, here are some protective driving tips to make this scenario less stressful.

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Study Semi Truck Drivers in Short Supply as Demand Keeps IncreasingBe aware of blind spots

Though you’re probably familiar with the reality of blind spots, it can be easy to forget that semis have larger blind spots than smaller vehicles. A good rule of thumb for staying out of a truck’s blind spot is that if you can’t see the truck driver, then they can’t see you. Additionally, avoid driving directly behind a big truck.

Drive predictably

Due to trucks’ size and weight, truck drivers require adequate time and space to safely operate their vehicles. Try to drive as predictably and steadily as possible, so nearby truckers can make informed and safe decisions. Keep a constant level of speed when driving around a semi. Signal well in advance of your turn. Lastly, change directions cautiously and slowly, and avoid weaving in and out of lanes.

Texting and DrivingCurb the distractions

While distracted driving is innately dangerous, it poses an even greater hazard when trucks are involved. Avoid texting while driving, as well as obsessively checking your phone while the vehicle is in motion. Make a habit of being fully present when you’re behind the wheel, so you can increase your awareness of trucks in your vehicle’s blind spot. You’ll also be more aware of trucks that are merging onto the highway or signaling that they’re about to merge into your lane.

Show courtesy and respect

Remember that everyone on the road — including truckers — are on the road for the same reason: to reach a destination. In other words, semis aren’t on the road simply to annoy you and other drivers. By implementing the tips above, you’ll form safe driving habits and cultivate a courteous attitude toward truck drivers.

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