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Subaru Concludes the First Facelift: Act Local Event

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Some of Subaru's partners in the Love Promise. Its most recent event was Facelift: Act Local.

Over the past several years — time has become a Matthew McConaughey “flat circle” as of late, so who really knows how long it’s been — Subaru has proven itself to be an automaker that cares for individuals, communities, and the planet. That’s why it recently hosted a six-day event called Facelift: Act Local, which was meant to encourage people across the country to get outside and (safely) clean up the trash littering their green spaces.

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What is Facelift: Act Local?

Facelift: Act Local was an initiative spearheaded by Subaru, the Yosemite Climbing Association, and well-known clothier The North Face, designed to motivate people to clean up their communities. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the event didn’t feature any large public gatherings — just a call for individuals to do what they could, even if the farthest they felt comfortable traveling was their own backyard. Participants could even bring recyclables to their local Subaru dealerships so they could be repurposed as materials for public features like park benches.

The movement doesn’t just fall in line with Subaru’s reputation for environmental consciousness; it’s actually tied to one of its philanthropic programs: Don’t Feed the Landfills. This initiative is aimed at slowing the speed at which waste finds its way to landfills, especially around national parks.

A word from the experts

Subaru’s leadership is known for being vocal about its non-automotive efforts, and its members often show a level of humility that’s uncharacteristic of the industry at large. The automaker’s involvement in Facelift: Act Local was no different.

Senior Vice President of Marketing for Subaru of America Alan Bethke said, “At Subaru, we believe keeping the outdoors clean is a gift that keeps on giving, and no matter how small the site of the clean-up is, it makes a big difference.”

Allyson Gunsallus, the Managing Director of the Yosemite Climbing Association, echoed Bethke’s sentiment. They said, “It feels good to do good! If even one person is motivated to get outside and clean up a place they love who wouldn’t have been otherwise, this event will be successful. We need positive local engagement more than ever right now.”

Facelift: Act Local, if nothing else, is proof that the Subaru Loves the Earth program isn’t just a name; it’s a commitment to a brighter future.

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