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The Audi AI:ME Concept Blends Artificial Intelligence and Empathetic Learning

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Audi AI:ME
Photo: Audi

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Audi unveiled its vision for the future of automated mobility. The Audi AI:ME is designed to be a fully autonomous car that goes beyond navigating the roads — it’s meant to provide a sense of comfort and well-being.

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The Audi Intelligence Experience

You might be wondering how a car can provide this. Well, it’s all thanks to the Audi Intelligence Experience. As you use the Audi AI:ME, the vehicle learns your habits. And when it comes to providing a tailored experience, the Audi AI:ME spares no expense. It can even fragrance the air, and thanks to eye-tracking technology, it can detect when you’re feeling fatigued and pep you up with some cool blue lighting. From your driving style, ergonomic adjustments, and frequent destinations to your favorite food and media, the AI:ME is meant to be a sponge that’s eager to soak up information about you.

After getting to know you, the vehicle will autonomously cater to your preferences. All in the name of providing a comfortable and convenient ride, of course. None of this is even slightly creepy. At all.

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A futuristic experience

On a more practical note, its self-learning navigation system is already a part of current Audi MMI systems. This sophisticated tech tool remembers your frequent destinations, along with the date, time, and traffic situation. It uses that data to suggest convenient routes with minimal traffic.

Naturally, the concept car’s display pushes the envelope when it comes to current vehicle user interfaces. Thanks to its collaboration with Samsung, Audi developed a 3D mixed-reality head-up display that’s designed to prevent eyestrain. It achieves this by making the images appear to float at a distance of up to 230 feet. That means your eyes don’t have to refocus when glancing between the road and the display.

This concept model also features a 48-inch-wide screen that’s partially embedded in the instrument panel. This dual-layered display features a transparent layer on top of a deep black layer for crisp, vibrant images.