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The Dodge Demon Officially Enters Production

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Before the first Dodge Demon has even been delivered to its driver, Dodge is already considering its Demonic campaign a success for the brand

Behold, a Demon appeareth

The first half of 2017 was dominated by a Demon in terms of news from Fiat Chrysler. For months leading up to the vehicle’s reveal in April, Dodge was offering small samplings of information surrounding the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to build up excitement for the performance model.

Those teasers now seem like they first aired a lifetime ago, but the culmination of all the hype for the Demon has finally come to its conclusion, as the Dodge Demon has entered production.

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The first Dodge Demon to roll off of the assembly line did so last week. The color and specifications of the model are unknown, but the completion of more Demons undoubtedly followed shortly after.

The delivery of these Dodge Demons, meanwhile, might be delayed just a bit. FCA revealed that it is holding off on deliveries until “containment at the plant” is achieved.

That could mean a lot of things, but the most likely explanation is that Dodge is hoping to save money by consolidating deliveries. Whatever definition of “containment” Dodge is using, Demon drivers will have to wait just a bit longer until they are introduced to their 840-horsepower Hell-on-wheels machine.

The Demon has been a blessing for other Challenger models

Not every adrenaline junkie can hand over $85,000 for a Demon. Instead, many have been turning toward more affordable Dodge Challenger options.

In this way, the Demon did exactly what it was designed for. From the beginning, the Dodge Demon was developed to build up hype for the entire Challenger vehicle lineup, a task that it has certainly succeeded at.

“People have been talking about this car since January,” explained Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger car brands at FCA. “So the hype has been building and selling other Challengers. Our Challenger sales are through the roof. We’re having an all-time record year to date.”

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This is indeed the case. Challenger sales in August were up by 18.8%, while the model’s year-to-date sales have increased 4.5%.

As the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon gets ready to hit the streets, it has already completed its primary mission without ever having to leave the factory.

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