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The Five Best Rap Songs Inspired by Cadillac

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white walls by macklemore | five best rap songs about cadillacs

Macklemore in “White Walls”

Cadillacs have long been the preferred ride of many hip-hop superstars. Everybody from Snoop Doggy Dogg to Kendrick Lamar has featured the classic automobiles in the visuals for their music. The luxury car seems like the perfect spot to relax and enjoy your favorite rap tunes.

Without further ado, here’s a list of five of the best Cadillac inspired hip-hop songs:

[wptab name=”Throw Some D’s”]

5) Rich Boy featuring Pollow Da Don – “Throw Some D’s”

Released in the summer of 2006, the platinum single used Cadillac as a symbol of success that everyone should strive to achieve. Rich Boy liked his Cadillac’s customized, as the song’s title was slang for adding big rims to the machine, preferably 20-inches or better.


[wptab name=”Boxframe Cadillac”]

4) Freddie Gibbs – “Boxframe Cadillac”

Gibbs’ career hasn’t exactly taken off the way some music critics thought it could, but the Indiana rapper did bless hip-hop fans with this tribute to wide body Cadillacs.


[wptab name=”Diamond in the Back”]

3) Ludacris – “Diamond in the Back”

The Atlanta rapper released this laid back track in 2003, after starring in the film “2 Fast 2 Furious”. The rapper has been a part of more hit movies than hit songs in recent years, but he was huge back in the 2000s.


[wptab name=”White Walls”]

2) Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Schoolboy Q – “White Walls”

Macklemore said during the intro to “White Walls” that he “just wanted to be free and live in his Cadillac.” That didn’t sound like a bad idea to us. The rapper sold more than 1 million copies of his debut album “The Heist”, so it’s safe to assume he can live any damn way he wants to now-a-days. Plus, his song reportedly worked miracles for the Cadillac brand.

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[wptab name=”Cadillacs on 22s”]

1) David Banner – “Cadillacs on 22s”

Unlike some artists, Banner tried to use his celebrity status to inspire the youth and spread the message to stay positive and that having faith was more important than chasing fame. It wasn’t Banner’s most popular song, but it may have been his most powerful.

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Non-hip-hop artists also seem to be drawn to Cadillacs, including Carrie Underwood and Train.