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The Ford Focus Active Won’t Be Coming to America After All

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Ford Focus Active Won't Be Coming to America

The Ford Focus Active won’t be coming to America as the result of tariffs

When Ford announced earlier this year that it would be reaping its car lineup, it specified that there were two exceptions that would avoid the blade: the Ford Mustang, naturally, and the somewhat crossover-like Ford Focus Active. It now appears all but certain that the axe is also falling on the latter.

A Ford spokesperson told Jalopnik last week that the automaker is no longer planning to import the Focus Active from China as a result of tariffs imposed by the current administration and its very stable geniuses.

“We made a business decision to stop development of the Focus Active crossover because of the negative financial impact of the new tariffs on vehicles imported from China.”

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Ford would not confirm that the Mustang will now be the only vehicle in the lineup moving forward that isn’t a truck or utility vehicle, but the spokesperson did note that the Fiesta will be available through 2019 and the Fusion will hold on for “at least a few more years.”

Ideally, Ford will have added new vehicles to its lineup by the time the Fiesta and Fusion are eliminated totally to provide a more agreeable entry-level price point. The Focus Active may well have been the vehicle Ford had in mind for that role, but the automaker is going to have to head back to the drawing board.

In August, Ford head of Product Development and Purchasing Hau Thai-Tang stated that the company will cut down to five global platforms but expand to 23 nameplates by 2023. Ford will effectively replace the Focus as well as the Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus, C-MAX, and Flex, and add an additional three new nameplates.

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News Source: Jalopnik