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The VW ID.4’s LED Lights Let Your Car “Talk” to You

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The VW ID.4 at sunset
The ID.4’s communicative lights are a big achievement in connecting car and driver
Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s electric SUV, the ID.4, is taking the world by storm. The vehicle is currently revolutionizing the SUV segment and has introduced a slew of exciting technologies for drivers to enjoy. One such tech feature is the unique way in which the ID.4 uses LED lights to communicate with drivers and passengers. These communication lights represent a subtle but remarkable step in the ongoing quest to further connect car and driver.

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A look at the ID.4’s LED lights

The ID.4’s “dash light” feature is a row of LED lights built into the base of the SUV’s windshield. These 54 tiny lights were designed specifically as a means of communication between the vehicle and those traveling in it. The lights use different patterns and color combinations to “talk” to passengers or act as alerts.

A white and blue color combination, for example, will shine when you sit in the driver’s seat, to let you know the car is ready. The colors then shine again, only this time reversed, when you stand up. The LEDs also work with your infotainment, safety, and navigation systems. A blue light will zip across the LED strip in the direction indicated by the ID.4’s navigation, and a red light flashes if you hit your emergency brakes. If a green light flashes, that means you’re receiving a phone call, and if you see a white light in front of your or your front passenger, that means one of you triggered the voice command system.

The vehicle also flashes its lights to indicate battery charging levels, and these lights can be seen from outside the vehicle while it’s charging.

The VW ID.4: Up close and personal

The ID.4’s advanced LED lights are truly a sight to behold. Volkswagen plans to unveil even more light-based messages via software updates for the ID.4 in the near future.