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These “Futuristic” Tires on the Hyundai Carlino Are Absolutely Wild

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Hyundai Carlino concept art Dehli Auto Expo

For decades, practically every car tire has looked the same–the same black rubber with zig-zag patterns running down the tread. It’s about time someone shook things up!

The tires on a new compact SUV concept that Hyundai debuted at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi, India are unlike any tires you’ve seen before. The unique tires, designed by Kumho Tire Co. Ltd. in collaboration with Hyundai, were engineered for all-terrain travel, able to adapt to surfaces in order to maximize grip. Their futuristic appearance is reminiscent of something out of a science fiction movie!

Not just created to look unusual (in a totally cool way), the Hyundai Carlino’s tires incorporate multiple engineering ideas.

  • Safety: materials, design, and construction add to durability and performance of these tires
  • Versatility: broad shoulders to enhance traction on slick surfaces
  • Noise: tread: 3D honeycomb blocks reduce noise created by tires
  • Debris: blocky tread shapes prevent particles from becoming lodged in the grooves

The Carlino showcases the Korean automotive brand’s vision of urban mobility, merging fashionable designs with lifestyle versatility. The concept model was produced by Hyundai Design Center in Namyang, South Korea. The Carlino, which measures less than four meters in length, is intended to make a statement in the sport utility market. While it’s questionable whether the auto market needs even more models aimed at the over-saturated “urban adventurer” market, the Carlino’s tires do certainly set it apart from many other cars with traditional (i.e. boring) tires.

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