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This Is Us: The Characters and Their Cars

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One of the hottest shows on television right now, there’s no question that This Is Us is a tear-jerker. From heartbreak to grief, the show covers real-life struggles all of us face.

As car enthusiasts, we decided to take a closer look at which car models the Pearson Five drive around.

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This Is Us: The Characters and Their Cars

[wptab name=”Jack”]

Jack Pearson Jeep Grand Wagoneer This Is Us

Photo: NBCUniversal

Jack Pearson

As a young man, Jack Pearson drove around a drool-worthy 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. The car used in the show actually belonged to Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who plays Jack Pearson. Milo agreed to use his car on the show and donated the money they would’ve spent to rent the car to the cast and crew’s food services.

Later in the series, Jack and Rebecca made their way to a dealership to purchase a new car. Jack spotted a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and pulled the salesman aside, giving him a sales pitch of his own: “Here’s the thing, Mel,” Jack told the salesman. “I don’t want to buy one of those used cars out there. But that Wagoneer? That’s my family’s car. I can see it so clearly. It’s sturdy and tough. Pearsons, we need tough. ‘Cause I can tell you right now, there’s gonna be scrapes and dings and stains – so many stains. But that’s okay. Because every battle scar is going to be another memory. And eventually that car out there – that car is going to tell my family’s story just by looking at it.”

This Is Us - Jack Pearson


[wptab name=”Rebecca”]

Rebecca Pearson - This Is Us - 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Photo: NBCUniversal

Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca’s primary car featured on the show is the Pearson family’s 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. She and Jack purchased the vehicle together, with the Big Three in tow, and Rebecca continued to drive the kids around in the Jeep after Jack passed away.

This Is Us - Rebecca Pearson


[wptab name=”Randall”]

Photo: NBCUniversal

Randall Pearson

We got our first real glimpse of Randall’s well-loved Mercedes AMG S63 Sedan when he taught his biological father, William, to drive. Randall has driven this car throughout the present-day timeline of the series. In the second season finale, Randall’s brother Kevin even teased him about his love for the car. “I’m not gonna drip ice cream in the car, okay?” Kevin said. “I understand. You love the car. You bought it for cash.” That same evening, Randall’s foster daughter, Déjà, took a baseball bat to the Mercedes’ windshield to end the season finale.

This Is Us Kevin and Randall Pearson


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Kate Pearson - This Is Us - Chevrolet Malibu

Photo: NBCUniversal

Kate Pearson

Kate Pearson drives a silver Chevrolet Malibu, seen briefly when she got into a fender-bender with Madison, a member of Kate’s support group. Although no one was hurt in the incident, Kate had quite an emotional reaction. At the time of the accident, Kate was pregnant and was concerned about her little lima bean’s safety.

Rebecca and Madison - This is Us


[wptab name=”Kevin”]

Kevin Pearson This Is Us Audi

Photo: NBCUniversal

Kevin Pearson

Matching his Hollywood persona, Kevin Pearson drives an Audi R8 Spyder. A heart-racing sports car perfect for the heartthrob actor, the newest R8 Spyder comes equipped with a V10 engine, roaring with 540 horsepower. The convertible is perfect for cruising down Sunset Boulevard in the year-round warm Los Angeles weather.

Kevin Pearson - This Is Us



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