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Mary Kay Sales Director Earns 13 Pink Cadillacs, and Counting

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Pink Mary Kay Cadillac

Photo: Kyle James

Mary Kay is known for its pink Cadillacs. If you boost your sales revenue up high enough, Mary Kay offers you the option of a new, pink vehicle−a tradition spanning nearly 50 years. Watertown, South Dakota resident Lesa Franken has earned a new pink Cadillac−for the 13th time in her career!

Now, you may be thinking, what do you have to do to earn a pink Cadillac? Well, it’s not as easy as you’d hope. If a consultant wants to earn that new car, he or she has to have a substantial team of other consultants reporting to them and sell over $20,000 worth of merchandise in a four month period. However, Mary Kay has a limit−you can only drive 18 new Cadillacs in your career, a limit that Franken is fast approaching.

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Lesa Franken is an independent executive senior sales director at Mary Kay. The makeup brand offers a series of prizes for top-notch sales associates. Franken has previously earned a diamond ring, a diamond bumblebee, a trip to Germany, and 12 pink Cadillacs in her career. She is approaching her 35-year milestone with Mary Kay and her most recent reward, a 2017 Cadillac XT5, is helping her celebrate.

“I don’t really pay attention to the money,” Franken told Watertown Public Opinion. “I love driving the cars and I love working with people and working with my beauty consultants.”

While the vehicle’s baby pink color may spark brand recognition, it’s there for a bigger purpose−the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation supports cancer research and domestic abuse shelters, donating $20,000 annually to each state in support of domestic abuse shelters.

Although Franken is quickly approaching her 18-car limit set by Mary Kay, that doesn’t mean she’s willing to stop doing what she loves. “My family asks me sometimes when I plan to retire, and I never plan to retire. I will do Mary Kay as long as I can because I love it!”

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Choosing the Cadillac brand emphasizes the luxury and high-quality nature of Mary Kay’s makeup products. It’s a brand marketing strategy−a successful one−that benefits both the company and its employees. Congratulations, Lesa!

News Source: Watertown Public Opinion