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Tracy Anderson and the Buick Cascada Come Together for Clever New Video

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Buick has enlisted celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson to explain how preparing your body for summer is similar to how Buick engineers prepared the new Cascada convertible prior to its release

Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson worked with Buick to provide five tips to help people prepare for summer
Photo: © General Motors

Some people dream of owning a convertible, while others long for the perfect beach body, but Buick has thought of a way to combine them both in a creative new video featuring celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson.

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Anderson is the founder of the Tracy Anderson Studio chain, and she also created the Tracy Anderson Method workout routine. In the two-minute video celebrating the new Cascada convertible, Anderson provides five tips that could help people get ready for the summer, which is a great time for enjoying both the beach and convertibles. Those tips focus on skin, songs, sweat, style, and snacks.

Anderson explains that looking stylish and protecting your skin are important during the summer, which she achieves with her sleek silk scarf. A Buick press release compares that to how the Cascada comes equipped with leather-appointed seats with UV-reflective materials. Another of Anderson’s tips is to sweat, which can be achieved by walking 10,000 steps a day. Buick likened this to how engineers test their vehicles thousands of times before offering them to the public.

“The road to getting fit and healthy for summer starts by taking the right lifestyle steps now,” Anderson said in a statement. “The tips Buick and I have developed are so easy to follow, and we hope they will inspire people to take better care of themselves this summer — and beyond.”

This ad comes on the heels of Buick’s first ever Super Bowl commercial starring NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., as well as its web only commercial featuring actress Ellie Kemper, both of which featured the new Cascada convertible.

The Buick Cascada has been receiving heavy promotion lately, and it should be interesting to find out whether that translates to high sales figures.

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