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Turns Out Norway Isn’t Considering Banning Fossil Fuel-Powered Vehicles Anymore

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2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Front End

Vehicles like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will be incentivized, but fossil fuel-powered vehicles will still be allowed in Norway

You know how we reported back in June that Norway is considering a ban on gasoline-powered vehicles? It sounds like a really, really awesome idea, right?

Well, turns out, Norway isn’t going to do that.

Nope Meme

Despite the fact that many sources were reporting the Norwegian’s government’s plan to ban sales of new gasoline and diesel vehicle after 2025, the government says there are no plans for such a ban.

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Automotive News Europe recently spoke to a spokesperson from the country’s transport ministry, who stated that the country won’t ban internal-combustion vehicles. The spokesperson stated that the government hopes to encourage the use of electric vehicles “by using the carrot instead of [the] stick,” aggressively encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

Rather than depending on a harsh measure, such as banning gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, the spokesperson believes that new technology will lead to an eventual phasing out of fossil-fueled vehicles. Norway is instead looking to reduce the average CO2 emissions from new cars to 85 grams per km by 2020.

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This new goal is part of a new plan that was presented to the government in February. “This document included suggestions and recommendations for ambitious goals to reduce emissions from the transport sector,” said the spokesperson. It did not include suggestions of a ban.

Though Norway isn’t pursuing this ban, other countries are still seriously considering it. Dutch parliament has already passed a motion to ban internal-combustion vehicle sales, while India has proposed making all vehicles out on the road electric by 2030.

News Source: Automotive News Europe (subscription required)