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Undisguised Volkswagen R Vehicles Spotted

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undisguised Volkswagen R vehicles
This isn’t one of them, but we imagine they look just as cool
Photo: Volkswagen

When most car manufacturers take their yet-to-be unveiled vehicles out for a test spin, they do so in disguise. Various types of coverings are used to conceal new vehicles until their official public debut. However, if you’re lucky, you can sometimes spot new vehicles without this camouflage. That’s exactly what happened in mid-April, when three undisguised Volkswagen R vehicles were spotted in Nürburgring.

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The scoop on the undisguised Volkswagen R vehicles

Thanks to some snooping by the team at, there is plenty of new information about three upcoming VW vehicles for you to geek out about. Volkswagen’s R series has yet to be officially shown off to the public, and will consist of the Golf R, the Tiguan R, and the Arteron R. The latter two vehicles are currently believed to be non-U.S. releases. The Tiguan R seems to be based off the two-seat Tiguan variants that have yet to leave Europe and Asia. Considering that the American version of the Tiguan is a larger three-seat SUV, and it’s unlikely that Volkswagen will be bringing the two-seater over anytime soon. Poor stateside sales for the Arteron make a U.S. release for the new Arteron R equally as unlikely.

The VW Golf R revealed

While the Tiguan R and Arteron R will likely stay in Europe, the same cannot be said for the Golf R. This sporty SUV is expected to make a big splash in the American market upon its release. With its camouflage removed, new details about the Golf R have finally been revealed.

Spy shots reveals blue brake calipers, big wheels, and a new extended spoiler that wasn’t present during the vehicle’s last disguised sighting. Other newly-revealed details include a unique front fascia and side venting, slightly-changed detailing on the body, and new seating.

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Release dates for these three Volkswagen R vehicles have yet to be announced. It’s unknown when Volkswagen plans to officially unveil them, but it will likely be later in the year as Europe continues to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic.