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Unlocked Mercedes-Benz with Keys Left Inside is Unsurprisingly Stolen

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Car Keys

Probably not the best thing to leave in an unlocked car

If you have a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz, you’re going to want to take care of it. Wash it, make sure that the oil is changed regularly. Oh, and definitely don’t leave the keys in the vehicle over night. That’s the life lesson from the school of hard knocks that a Mercedes owner in Greenwich, Connecticut, had to learn.

According to the Greenwich Time, a Greenwich resident left his 2015 Mercedes GL450 parked overnight on July 3rd with the keys inside. Little did he know that a car thief was lurking nearby. Eyeing the Mercedes, the car thief decided to make his move. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the vehicle unlocked with both sets of keys inside.

Car thief

Come on Greenwich! You’re making this guy’s job too easy!

Only, it probably wouldn’t be all that surprising for a Greenwich thief. Since the year began, more than a dozen vehicles with keys left inside them have been stolen in the Greenwich area.

The string of thefts has concentrated on two brands specifically: Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Range Rovers. On April 20th, a Range Rover was stolen from the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich.

Toyota Indiana Donation

What kind of scumbag steals from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America?

There are many precautions you can take to better protect your vehicle form car thieves. Making sure you do not leave your keys in an unlocked car is a good place to start.

News Source: Greenwich Time