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[VIDEO] AWD Challenger GT Destroys the Snow in New Dodge Commercial ‘Russia’

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Dodge’s new “Russia” commercial shows how well the AWD Challenger GT performs in the snow

The AWD Challenger GT is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2017

America’s only all-wheel-drive muscle coupe, the 2017 Challenger GT, was only announced one week ago, but Dodge already has a commercial ready for the newest member of its performance car family.

The new thirty-second advertisement was filmed in Alaska, but it’s actually been given the title “Russia.” This is because–as the commercial points out–there’s a place in Alaska where you can almost see Russia, so using that logic in reverse order, there’s a place in Russia where you can hear the new AWD Challenger GT while it travels through the snowy north.

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“The winter driving capability of the new Challenger GT had to be shown in a way that only Dodge can do,” said FCA Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois. “Bringing together the power and performance of the world’s first all-wheel-drive muscle coupe, a daunting Alaskan landscape and an adrenaline-filled soundtrack is what makes this ad so special.”

The newest Dodge commercial debuts this week on Twitter, where it will be accompanied by the hashtag #HowToOwnTheSeason. The goal of this hashtag is to get Twitter users to share their feelings about what it takes to “own the holiday season.”

Viewers who will be watching NBC’s “Dateline” on Dec. 16th or CBS NFL football on Dec. 18th will also get the chance to see the commercial for the new all-wheel drive Challenger GT. In addition, the ad will also been shared on the company’s official Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

“With its iconic muscle car design, 305 horsepower and all-wheel-drive capability, the new Dodge Challenger GT is now the most exciting all-weather daily driver – even if you live in Alaska,” said FCA Head of Passenger Car Brands Tim Kuniskis. “With the Challenger GT joining the Dodge Charger AWD, Dodge offers the only cars that combine that visceral muscle car attitude without sacrificing practicality and all-weather security.”

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Video: Watch The AWD Challenger GT In The New Ad ‘Russia’