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Lincoln Aviator Shows off in Toronto in New Video

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring
2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring
Photo: Lincoln

When it comes to giving luxury SUVs a playground for showing off, big cities are a surefire go-to. Lincoln this month demonstrated how great a setting Toronto is, sharing a video of the new Lincoln Aviator piloting around the 6.

The Luxury of the Aviator: A look at the features and characteristics that make this premium SUV

In a Facebook post from Jan. 12, Lincoln Motor Company of Canada showed off a video from fan Cynthia Guthrie. Guthrie, who has a fairly substantial following on Instagram, put together a 60-second clip that focuses on the beauty of the Toronto skyline as well as the sanctuary-like cabin of the new Aviator SUV.

Watch: Luxurious Lincoln Aviator tours Toronto

Lincoln’s post reads: “The staycation, refined.” The suggestion here, of course, is that driving a Lincoln is like a getaway in and of itself. The post also encourages owners and enthusiasts to use the hashtag #MyLincoln. Posts with this hashtag may be shared on Lincoln’s social media channels.

This short video has it all. A view of the Toronto skyline from the water. Intense orchestral music. A close up on what are probably pretty expensive shoes. And, of course, lots of lingering looks at the Lincoln Aviator and its award-winning interior. The camera swoops over stitched details in the Roast leather and the glistening keys of the Piano Key Shifter. You see the responsiveness of the personal profiles feature, which adjusts to the needs of different drivers, and the 10.1-inch touch-screen display used to navigate to Toronto’s chic Distillery Historic District.

Guthrie is also keen to flaunt the coddling sanctuary space of her Aviator on her Instagram, where the SUV features in several photos.

Lincoln continues to push its new Aviator as a place of respite from the loudness of the world. The SUV once again features in the Wish List Sales Event campaign ads, offering a harried parent a fallback point when things get a bit too hectic in her household.

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