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Viktor&Rolf Masterclass is Cadillac House’s Newest Event

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Earlier this month, luxury fashion house Viktor&Rolf partnered with Visionare to debut a short film and interactive exhibit at Cadillac House. The film pays homage to the entity’s 25th anniversary; it provides a brief, 25-second glimpse at the fashion house’s contributions to the fashion industry.

“What we tried to do is look back, show the work that we’ve done, but also look forward. […] This is a project we devised especially for this space and for Visionaire,” said Rolf Snoeren.

After watching the film, guests can stick their heads through the holes in the life-size cutouts of some of Viktor&Rolf’s exclusive designs. The goal is for the audience to feel like part of the art piece. The collections on display highlight different periods of the organization’s history. Some of them include  “Atomic Bomb” (1998), “Bedtime Story” (2005), and “Cutting Edge Couture” (2010).

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Both Snoeren and Viktor Horsting hope the display will spotlight the fashion house’s contributions. Even more than that, however, they hope that visitors will walk away from the display with “a sense of joy, […] inspiration, [and] a lighthearted encounter with [their] work.”

Catch the display now through November 4, at Cadillac House, to participate in a unique exhibit that incarnates the abstraction and progressive nature of contemporary art. We anticipate more news about future exhibits as Cadillac House continues to cultivate and spread the latest trends in the art and fashion industry, both in New York City and beyond.

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