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Volkswagen to Develop High-Performance EVs

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high-performance EVs
VW sees a lucrative market in stylish performance EVs
Photo: Volkswagen

Who doesn’t love a sleek and stylish high-performance vehicle? For drivers who love faster speeds, greater torque, and enhanced maneuverability, a performance vehicle can turn any road trip into an adventure. When most enthusiasts think of performance, electric vehicles aren’t typically top of mind. However, Volkswagen has its sights set on challenging this convention by developing high-performance EVs as part of its ambitious push for an electric future.

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VW’s high-performance EVs

This news comes from a recent interview with VW electric mobility board member Thomas Ulbrich conducted by Autoblog.com. On the topic of introducing performance vehicles to their EV lineup, Ulbrich stated, “There is a market. Some customers are requesting that we show what is possible.” It seems that an interest in performance EVs among consumers is absolutely present, and Volkswagen has plans to give those consumers what they want.

The groundwork for a line of high-performance EVs from Volkswagen has already been laid. VW’s all-electric race car, the ID.R, has broken records at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and the Sonoma Raceway. In addition to this, a concept performance EV was introduced by VW last year. This slick model, dubbed the GTX, promised increased speeds and greater maneuverability. In order to make vehicles like the GTX a reality, VW will need to implement the technology of the ID.R in a new, consumer-centric way.

Finding a balance

Traditionally, the first step in creating a high-performance vehicle is to eliminate weight. However, creating a fast EV means using a big and weighty battery pack. In order to design the perfect performance EV, a balance between performance and range will have to be found. “It is a tradeoff between performance and range, because there is a very direct relationship between the two,” Ulbrich continued. “[There are] buyers who prefer the performance because maybe they don’t prioritize the range.”

Despite the challenges, Ulbrich is convinced that the idea is viable. “The idea is… that we’ll extend range again and again and again by improving our battery technology, and by making more efficient drivetrains. I think that, somewhere down the road, it will fit perfectly together, and we are convinced that there is a market [for performance EVs].”

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With Volkswagen’s EV lineup still relatively young, producing high-performance EVs under the GTX nameplate is not currently a top priority for the automaker. However, for fans of fast cars and adventurous driving, the future is looking both bright and eco-friendly.