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Volkswagen’s Electric Microbus Finally Coming in 2022

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VW's upcoming electric microbus, the ID.Buzz
VW’s new microbus combines nostalgia and cutting-edge technology
Photo: Volkswagen

When it comes to iconic vehicles, one of the most recognizable is undoubtedly the Volkswagen microbus. This beloved staple of the VW lineup was first introduced in the mid-1960s and quickly became a much-loved cultural touchstone. It’s been a long time since VW ended production of the microbus, and nostalgic drivers have been waiting for its return for decades. Now, after years of repeated calls to revive the microbus for a new generation, it’s finally happening. Volkswagen’s newly electrified microbus will be hitting streets in 2022.

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The electric microbus is coming next year

News of the VW microbus’s return is nothing new. Nearly four years ago, a prototype for a new electric version turned heads at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Since then, auto enthusiasts have waited patiently for more news. Finally, on March 1, VW made a full announcement.

The new electric microbus will be called the ID.Buzz, and is set to debut at some point in 2022. It was also confirmed that the vehicle will be making its way to North America, with VW eyeing a 2023 release window. While no specs were revealed, it was announced that the ID.Buzz will also integrate autonomous driving capability. This lines up with VW’s recent financial investment in Argo AI, a startup developer of autonomous vehicle technology. Apparently, VW plans to test its tech in a prototype version of the new microbus, with the intent of perfecting it in time for its 2022 release.

Back in 2017, the concept version of the ID.Buzz that appeared in Detroit was said to have a 270-mile-per-charge driving range. Weather this range will appear in the production version or not remains unconfirmed.

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If its 2022 release date holds true, the new ID.Buzz electric microbus will debut in Europe approximately half a decade after its 2017 reveal in Detroit.