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VW Golf Named in Digital Trends’ Best Cars of 2019

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The award winning Volkswagen Golf
A global bestseller, and recent award-winner
Photo: Volkswagen

Every year, Digital Trends — a major consumer technology news source — ranks every vehicle they’ve tested over the preceding 12 months. They organize these vehicles into their respective categories to ensure like is compared to like, and name the best car in each segment. This year, the Volkswagen Golf was named the publication’s Best Hatchback of 2019.

Meet the best: Meet the Golf

Digital Trends breaks each best-in-class pick down into a few categories to explain things like who the car is best suited for, why you should consider buying one, and how they came to the decision. As for who the Golf is for, Digital Trends simply stated: “Anyone who just needs a car.” As for why to buy, they said, “The Golf ticks every box in the mainstream hatchback segment.”

Broad if enthusiastic recommendations aside, the editorial team also heaped praise on the Golf’s interior, cargo space, entertainment and safety tech, and affordability. They also mentioned that if the vanilla Golf isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for the all-electric e-Golf or the turbocharged, all-wheel-drive Golf R.

Interested in the golf?: Get a good deal

In summary, Cars editor for Digital Trends Adam Kasilikowski stated that “The Golf is a tech-focused driver’s car that never fails to reward.”

In response to the award, Scott Keogh, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America Inc. said “Over four decades the Golf family has proven its value while delivering driving satisfaction and high quality for its loyal owners. This award from Digital Trends highlights how far the car has come in its technology offerings.”

Source: Digital Trends