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[WATCH] Aussie Design Team Talks Buick Avenir Concept

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2015 Buick Avenir Concept

2015 Buick Avenir Concept
Photo: © General Motors

The Buick Avenir Concept was perhaps the one true surprise from this year’s 2015 Detroit Auto Show—up until its reveal on the Sunday prior to the show’s opening day, practically nobody had any idea that it was in the works.

When it hit, it was revealed that it had been the co-creation of a Buick design team in America that focused primarily on the interior and a Holden design team in Australia that did most of the work on the exterior. For a closer look at how the possible-future-flagship-inspiration came together from the Aussie end, Holden released the following video:

As was noted around the time of its reveal, the Avenir was born from a sketch made by Warrack Leach, the Australian team’s lead designer for exteriors. Particular attention is paid to the application of aluminum and the detail put into miniscule parts to create a fully-formed luxury masterstroke.

In the video, Leach relates that he first felt the impact of that which he had made by taking in the Avenir’s bold profile against the setting sun. We had intended to pull in a direct quote here, but Leach’s accent made it a bit difficult for our American ears to pick out a couple of words. When we turned to YouTube’s handy closed-captioning feature, here’s what we got.

Buick Avenir CCBuick Avenir CC 2