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What Is Mitsubishi Owners’ Day?

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2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition
What’s Mitsubishi Owners’ Day all about?

Some car brands have their own special way of feeling like a community. Whether it’s the Jeep wave or a Facebook group dedicated to loving the Ford Mustang, feeling like you’re a part of something bigger is always nice. That’s why Mitsubishi Owners’ Day was created in 2005.

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When it was first introduced, Mitsubishi Owners’ Day served as a way for the automaker to engage with fans of the brand at its headquarters in Cypress, California. Thousands of people showed up each year to talk Mitsu, from the history of the iconic Lancer Evolution to what models would be unveiled next. The event included a parking lot full of Mitsubishi vehicles, old and new, as well as fun activities like raffles and an awards ceremony. On top of this, owners were typically treated to lunch.

Three awards were given to owners in attendance each year: Furthest Distance Traveled, Judge’s Choice Award, and People’s Choice Award, which was voted on by fellow owners at the event. In years past, people have traveled all the way from Florida to attend Owners’ Day! Executive vice president Don Swearingen was in awe following the 2017 event, stating, “It’s humbling to see the number of owners who come out to show their passion and enthusiasm for Mitsubishi each year. That is what it is all about, celebrating the brand with our loyal customers who have played a very important role in our success.”

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Unfortunately, Mitsubishi released a statement in early 2019 announcing that it would not be holding its annual Owners’ Day event that year to focus on improving how the brand engages with fans and owners. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, any potential plans for a meet-up in 2020 were halted, so it looks like the next possible Mitsubishi owners’ event won’t happen until 2021 at the earliest.