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What to Do If You Left Your Car Windows Down When It Rained

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Rain window windshield wet moisture condensation Car Windows Down When It Rained

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Rain storms can roll through when you least expect them. You’ll enter a store when it’s clear and sunny, but by the time you leave, it’s pouring rain. And you’ve left your windows down.

If you left your car’s windows or sunroof open and the interior was soaked, you need to take these steps now. Here’s what you need to do if you left the car windows down when it rained.

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If you left your car windows down when it rained, follow these steps immediately

Step 1: Remove water as fast as you can

If there’s any water left in the car that hasn’t soaked into the seats or carpet, pull it out with a wet/dry vacuum and large towels. Standing water can harm more than just the upholstery, especially if your seats have electric elements in them.

If you’re not at home with access to a vacuum, look in your trunk for blankets or towels. Even resort to wiping up water with a coat or extra layer of clothing you’re wearing. The more you mop up now, the better your chances of recovery are.

Step 2: Dry it out

Any lingering moisture in the seats and floors — even if you don’t feel it to the touch — can fester and cause deterioration. Pull the moisture out by blowing large fans (you can rent some industrial-strength ones, depending on the damage) on full blast across the seats. Place a dehumidifier next to the open door for extra moisture-removing power.

Step 3: Clean the cabin

Removing the water won’t automatically stop mold from forming. You need to clean the upholstery, too, so grab some cloth or leather shampoo and scrub the surfaces thoroughly. After drying the cleaned seats, keep some moisture-absorbing packs in the car for the next week.

If it seems like the rain damaged any mechanical or electrical operations in your car, take it to a mechanic immediately for an inspection.

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