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Winter Service Reminder: Protect Your Car From Road Pre-Treatment

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GMC SUV Driving In Snow
Ice and snow aren’t the only “evils” of winter for your vehicle…so is pre-treatment solution
Photo: Pixabay

While it’s great to use a car cover or keep your vehicle in the garage to protect it from winter’s harsh elements, don’t forget another precaution — keeping it clean to prevent any corrosion from road salt and other pre-treatment solutions. KSN News recently shared some tips for protecting your car from these harmful substances as we ride out these last weeks of winter.

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The destructive nature of road salt

car body rust paint surface rusting damage
Protect your car this winter so you won’t have to deal with fixing rust-related damages in the future
Photo: The News Wheel

It turns out that some vehicle parts are more vulnerable to road-salt corrosion than others. The rear body panels and rocker panels are two key areas that pre-treatment solutions target, according to ICS Collision Center owner James Wilson. “Once moisture and those materials get on the inside, it just works its way from the inside out,” he said. And while some luxury models have built-in protective coatings on their parts to help ward off the likelihood of rust, many other models don’t.

Maintenance tips

Traditional Car Wash
The car wash is your friend when it comes to keeping your car clean and shiny during colder weather
Photo: Pexels

But there are a couple of ways you can shield your ride from the chemicals and brine it accumulates on winter drives. For starters, KSN recommends washing your vehicle after winter storms. Opt for an electric car wash or use a power washer at home to clean your car’s undercarriage since this is a prime area that’s prone to rust.

Another thing you can do is visit a dealership service department or auto body shop so they can put permanent wax on your vehicle. This layer will provide a protective buffer to help preserve your auto’s exterior and prevent paint chips and rust deposits.

For more tips on keeping your vehicle in peak condition this winter, read this article. Or check out this article about ways to protect your car from scratches at an automatic car wash.

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