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Would You Like Positive Emotions with That? Customers Rank Buick Dealerships High in Annual Survey

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Buick improves dramatically in annual rating of auto brands' service and purchase experience

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Customers like what they’re experiencing when they visit Buick dealerships these days — especially when they come in for service. That’s according to an annual survey by the research company Forrester.

The U.S. Mass Market Auto Manufacturers Customer Experience Index (or CX index) ranks major auto brands in three categories: overall dealership experience, purchase experience, and service experience.

Among the 15 auto brands represented in the 2018 CX index survey, Buick claimed the No. 1 ranking for service experience. Buick was also ranked No. 2 in overall dealership experience (behind only Subaru) and No. 3 in purchase experience (behind Subaru and Ford).

Those rankings represent a major improvement over last year, when Buick finished No. 13 in the overall rankings and No. 15 in purchase experience.

Forrester’s 2018 CX index survey quizzed 110,000 customers about their dealership experiences based on three metrics: ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

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Customers are associating more positive emotions with their Buick dealership experiences

Forrester analyst Michelle Yaiser told Auto Remarketing that Buick’s rankings improved primarily because customers gave the brand much higher positive emotional scores and reported many fewer negative emotions. According to Yaiser, evoking positive emotions is one of the most important ways that brands can build and maintain loyalty.

So how did Buick manage to rise so dramatically in the rankings? Yaiser said the brand is finally reaping the rewards from efforts to change and improve information technology at its dealerships.

Not only are the brand’s apps, websites, and other customer-facing technology much easier to use now, but they’re also more seamlessly integrated with back-office systems. And that’s resulting in a smooth, pleasant experience for people who are looking to purchase or service a Buick vehicle.

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Source: Auto Remarketing